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I can't belive Alex revealed this system to the public!!

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Started working on my first product launch few days ago and I already found a great partner for it. I can't wait to see the results - so far everything is working as planned.

Thank you Alex !

This product is probably one of the only products on Jvzoo that can actually produce some REAL results !!

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Stoica Bogdan

"Amazing updates and finalizing my fist launch following Alex' system!

Total Revenue (in 7 days) = $49313
Campaign is generating $60-140/ day from JVzoo still
List is hot and responsive
JVz are happy
Customers are happy
Coach is happy

Thank you Alex - Really really grateful for your help bro.


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The first step in this system is brainstorming HOT features that you will then add to one of our DFY softwares. We'll talk about:

   The 4 marketplaces to find products that are HOT and that you can use to enhance your existing softwares. 

  How to make sure that adding a certain feature to your software will make you the most money when you launch it.  

  Tools and resources I use to find BIG opportunities and softwares that will sell for themself



This second module is all about revamping your software product:

   Finding Cheap developers to work with . 

   How to Make Your Software Incredible HOT .

   How to easily Rebrand your software and make it unique



Dont' know how to get traffic? Don't have any connections ? Don't have a clue about this whole launch thing ? Don't worry ... that's why you need a JV Partner.

We'll talk about:

   How to put togheter a SOLID Sales funnel 

   How to  put your software in front of as many affiliates as possible.                     Why you absolutely need a JV Partner ... and more.  



In this module we'll go over my personal software launch checklist and we'll learn :

   How to select the perfect date for your Launch

   All Marketing Materials you need for a launch

   The one simple way to make your funnels always convert and more



Now YOU don’t have to wonder anymore. Just look over my shoulders as I set up my Products from scratch inside of JVzoo using the most powerful features to maximize your profits right out of the gate:

   Why Jvzoo is the best network for our software launches

    Setting up your products and funnels inside jvzoo                     How to collect leads, add buy buttons, deliver your product ... and more.  

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5 PREMIUM SOFTWARES With Full White Label Rights


BANNER ENGAGE 100% white label rights

A very powerful WP Plugin that will allow your customers to keep their media buy campaigns very well organized and optimized for maximum results.

Every internet marketer/company are running dozens of Media Buy Campaigns, Banners & Ads all over the internet so this Plugin is PERFECT for a software launch.

All serious marketers and businesses are going to eat this up.


EASY A/B TESTING 100% white label rights

Easy A/B testing is a great tool for every marketer - it will allow your customers to analyze each and every visitor experience to see how they are interacting with their website or specific pages.

From small businesses to corporate, as well as personal websites and marketing funnels - they all need to increase their conversions, sales and profits, and easy A/B testing will help them do just that.


MESSAGE ENGINE 100% white label rights

A very sexy messaging plugin that will allow your customers to add a chat box on every page of their website.

Services like this are producing amazing results and are being sold for monthly fees so your launch success is almost guaranteed.


SPLIT SOCIAL 100% white label rights

Probably the most powerful plugin in the package - it will allow your customers to run social contests from any facebook post.

Not only that, but it will also give them the power to do social split testing - a never seen before feature to increase social shares & traffic on complete autopilot.


SURVEY ENGAGE 100% white label rights

Your customers will be able to create and publish any type of survey, track and manage results in minutes.

Surveys are an incredible powerful tool for online marketers, offline marketers or even local business wich makes this plugin a MUST have for almost anyone that will visit your page.

All of these software apps BELONG to you

Leverage the Same Team, Knowledge, and Experience Responsible for Generating 40.000+
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What’s Included With Every Software?

100% White-Label Rights!

You have complete control over the branding options so you'll be able to change whatever you want on each app - Upload your logo, change the icon, the design, name and sell it from your domain.

Fully Supported

We fully support our Resellers and the product itself.

 If there are every technical or programming bugs that need to be fixed, we've got your back.

Professional Design

All our apps are mobile optimized and look amazing on any device. Our team of designers handled the hardest part for you.

1 CLICK Rebranding App

Changing the Logo and customized your software has never been easier.

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This is the EXACT checklist that I follow whenever I do a new software launch. 

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Fiverr is a GOLD MINE!

And once you'll go through White Label Academy today, you'll understand how valuable this cheat sheet is.

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PLEASE NOTE: All modules, bonuses and softwares are 100% ORIGINAL and proven to produce huge results ( Consistent and Reliable Results): No short term "tricks" or "hacks" that have never worked. This is a stable, recurring, and reliable model that you'll be able to apply to hundreds of products (we'll show you!).


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