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"I was very skeptical when Alex told me he will write the Sales Copy for
our launch few weeks ago.  But now I know how he was able to do it so FAST ... and Make It Convert So HIGH - Check Our Stats on the right !

This kick butt tool turned few days of work into a 5 figure income stream. CopyBuilder Rocks!"

Mario Brown -  Marketing Coach

I rigorously tested CopyBuilder for my review and I have only one thing to say, by using this app, even a newbie should be able to come up with a sizzling hot copy, people normally pay thousands of dollars for.

It’s an amazingly well done app and gets my highest recommendation.

   Austin E. Anthony. - IM Guru

Hi, My name is Alex and before now, I used to blow thousands of dollars in copywriters fees all the time...

And then I had to wait weeks just to get the first draft.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the real kicker... MOST TIMES, the copy just doesn’t convert - the product flops and you make an absolutely miserable - no profit,nothing, zilch, nada!

Here’s just some proof of the fees I’ve paid to copywriters in the past…

Look, I can go on and on to show you more copywriters and all the huge fees I’ve paid to them over the past few years but I’m sure you get the idea already.

The ugly part wasn’t the thousands of dollars I was wasting on these so-called expert copywriters all the time but the fact that most of the copies, facebook ads and video scripts I got from them weren’t converting and I was   losing sales faster than a broken water pipe.

That’s When I Said I’m DONE With This...

So, I teamed up with one of the top marketers in our circle who does millions of dollars yearly and who’s also sick of paying copywriters and getting a junk letter that couldn’t even sell rice to a hungry bird!

Then we sat down and pulled together our best converting sales copies, video scripts, ad copies and lead pages across multiple niches and created professional high converting templates out of them then we built a software that will automate the entire process...

...so that in mere minutes, you can click a few buttons and have commercial grade sales copy that produces results like this...

Here Are Some of The Results We’ve Generated

With Our Template Based Sales Copies & Video Scripts in The Last Few Months:

These templates are specially formulated from the most successful sales copy in history so you KNOW it will convert with certainty, you’ll have your sales material in minutes and you’ll NEVER need to pay any copywriter anymore.

Regardless of your niche... this software + our templates will work 100% for you.


And It Will Convert Higher Than Ever:

I've made 200X+ the price of CopyBuilder from my first campaign!
Check My Stats - Unbelievable !!!  I'm still in a bit of shock.

Thank you Alex,  you were right ... CopyBuilder  WORKS!"

Ciprian M. - BuyGFX.com

 I've been selling t-shirts and psyhical products online for the past year, quite successfully.  This tool came at the right time, because I was losing a lot on copywriters!

I've just fired my copywriter and my business exploded:

My posts get a TON more clicks ... My products convert 3X better    

Anca S. - Succesful Student

On top of the thousands we’ve spent on copy, the fact is that...




This is particularly hard on our students who are just starting out, who can’t invest thousands on something that MIGHT convert. So we’ve spent the last 11 months creating Copybuilder so that ANYONE can have insanely powerful sales copy for next-to-nothing.

Our students have already flipped the Copybuilder switch to generate thousands of dollars in profit without having to stress about a single word of copy.

Now we’re ready to give you the exact same firepower when you join us today

Every Guru Is SCARED To Tell You This...

They’re TERRIFIED of telling you just how important sales copy is to your business...

Because every single thing you put out there...

A Facebook post, an opt-in form, an e-mail, a Webinar... and of course a sales page or a video script...

...that’s ALL sales copy, baby!

And let’s face it...

  •      Unless you got all A’s in English...
  •      Unless you just naturally know how to write to sell...and...
  •      Unless you’re one of the few “strange” people that actually likes writing...

Then sales copy can be a THORN IN YOUR SIDE FOREVER!

Holding you back from launching more products...

Sending out more promotions...

Building a bigger list... Running Webinars...

And taking advantage of awesome money-makers like Facebook, videos and retargeting...

And every guru...

Sweeps This Money-Sucking SINK
HOLE Under The Rug!

Because they CAN’T teach it to you!

They have NO solution...


They PAY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS out to copywriters to AVOID THIS PROBLEM themselves...


That uses PROVEN copy... responsible for generating MILLIONS of dollars in sales... to YOUR massive benefit...

Meaning YOU ALREADY KNOW it converts... you don’t even have to think about it...

And with the unprecedented ability to COMPLETELY TAILOR your copy for YOUR exact needs...

Guaranteeing that every piece you create will be 100% UNIQUE and never-before-seen...

But still brim-full of converting, sales generating super power!

For a risk-free  $197/month...  $67, one time... BUT this deal is very limited... so you must pay close attention to see how to take advantage of it.

Feast your eyes on Copybuilder

Your ENTERPRISE license to Copybuilder (available as a special today) includes 6 game-changing modules...specially designed so you NEVER have to stress about writing a single word of copy again.


Picture an elite Copywriter crafting each and every line of your sales page.

That’s what the Sales Page Framework is, but without the expense, time, and hassle of dealing with a copywriter.

Don’t worry about what to say... Don’t worry about what comes next... Don’t worry about calls to action... Don’t worry about benefits... Just plug key info about your specific product into the Sales Page Framework and your top-converting copy will be created for you in seconds.


Raise value, get fans/followers/subscribers, and pre-sell ALL at the same time with done-for-you explainer video scripts.

These normally take work and some sort of expertise in an area, which is why only top marketers use them.

Now YOU’LL be one of the top marketers, even if you have no experience, because these Explainer Videos will do it all for you.


Everything you need to come up with headline packages that hook readers, get them glued to your sales page, and get them EAGER TO BUY.

If you’ve EVER STRUGGLED with a headline, then you simply need to see the power and elegance of the headlines framework... and get excited, because you’re never going to stress over writing a headline again.launchbonus


Tap into the world’s most successful Facebook ads, and have them generated to sell whatever you want!

Forget the months and hundreds of dollars you typically have to invest into testing, and harness the power to generate INFINITE profitable Facebook ads in minutes.

If you’ve been unsuccessful with Facebook ads, or if you’ve been afraid to try them, I know this will be a game changer for you.


Did you know that most people will scroll right to the bullet points on a sales page?

If they’re not written with the greatest care, you’ll lose.

But with this framework, stellar bullet points will be created for you FOR LIFE. .launchbonus


Finally, you can take any freebie that you have on your hard drive, create a lead capture page that promotes it in about 5 minutes flat, and feast your eyes on 80% conversion rates  and 500+ subscribers a day!

...and do it ALL with more ease than ever before.

No more hundreds of dollars invested into A/B split testing.  Create effective landing pages like the experts and build a HUGE list of subscribers in a matter of days ...


400+ Facebook Ad graphics that have been PROVEN to drive massive clicks, and that are 100% FB approved and in line with the Terms of Service.

Combine these with the Facebook Ad Framework ads that Copybuilder will create for you for your best performing ads ever.



On August 6th I'll put you in a room with some of the best Copywriters in the industry. Here, we'll show you how to use CopyBuilder as well as all the bonuses that follow to Create a $1k per DAY revenue stream!

Bonus call will be recorded - and you'll get a replay in the members area on Wednesday!

+ 11 DEADLY STEPS TO MAGIC COPY (infographic)

This infographic will have you producing any type of  COMMERCIAL GRADE copy  ( videos, webinars, mail, letters, flyers, and any other type of copy ... ) quickly even if you have no experience on selling or marketing!


All Of Copybuilder’s Juice Is Based Off Of The

World’s Most Successful Copy

Now You Get To Make A Choice!  Would You Rather:

Pay    $2,000 - $5,000    for each decent piece
of copy you need, forever?

Struggle, stress, and take weeks-months to write copy for yourself?


And have Copybuilder create every piece of copy you need for you
in seconds, with conversion crushing style, for life?

If you are even the least bit curious about Copybuilder’s insane power, then it only makes sense to make the third choice right now.

All you have to do is decide to TRY Copybuilder today, and you are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee...

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Never again stressing over how to write copy - Finally releasing all of the products you want to...

Taking advantage of Videos, Facebook ads, and List Building...

Without paying a single dime to cocky copywriters who charge a fortune!

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During the launch period you’ll tap into 5 super-power BONUS modules. Giving you an incredible edge over the competition and the ability to make more money with your copy than ever before...


  • Headline Framework: $5,000.00 Value
  • Bullet Points Framework: $5,000.00 Value


  • Newsfeed Library: $1,000.00 Value
  • Live Webinar Training: $2,000.00 Value
  • BONUS Infographic: Priceless

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Have been building sales funnels in different niches for some time now, and either it is for me , or my clients or my students, I always need to find a good copywriter, which to be honest it is really hard these days..they are either too busy or too expensive!

CopyBuilder is finally the tool I need to leave all that behind me and still create really high converting cash sucking funnels! Thanks Alex!

   Bogdan Cornel - Internet Marketer

I am so happy I got early access to Alex Costan’s CopyBuilder, I usually pay around $2500 for copy for my product launches, but not anymore thanks to now having CopyBuilder's  11 Step Letter Framework is a quick, easy and efficient way to create what I have found to be high converting sales letters,

Get this now and save a ton of time, money and hassle.

Craig McIntosh - M.Sc. Marketing,  Internet Marketer

There’s nothing left to do except put us to the test...

Grab Copybuilder right now and see what it can do for you...

STOP letting copy hold you back from launching products ... building JV connections
... and making sales...

STOP missing out on the cash cows of Facebook ads, Video Marketing, Retargeting,
List Building, Webinars and More...

All while giving you the chance to never write copy again.

And never pay a single penny to stuck-up copywriters who charge way too much.
Copybuilder is going to SKYROCKET your business for you in the way you deserve...

Imagine releasing a new product every month...

With copy that converts and gets JVs mailing like crazy...

With Your HUGE Lists driving sales, Facebook ads bringing in more money...

Without writing a single word of copy!

Do you think you’d be more successful if you had all of this working for you?

It all starts when you click the button below.

We are THRILLED to serve you.

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Total Package Value: $53,000.00+

Good copy makes millions,  this number is still low.
Yours today for: $67, one time 100% guaranteed and risk-free !

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Copybuilder?

Copybuilder is a web-based piece of software that you can access from any computer in the world, Mac or PC, just by logging in with your username and password.

You’ll then use copybuilder to create 100% unique and custom sales pages copy, explainer videos scripts, Facebook ads, headlines, bullet points, newsfeed posts, AND Lead Pages/Squeeze Pages ... Just by entering your unique product details, and letting Copywriter combine them with its database of world-class, proven to convert copy...

Generating you your post powerful copy ever without you spilling a bead of sweat.

3. What types of copy can Copybuilder create?

The most important ones, plus the most money-making ones, including:

  • Full on sales-pages
  • Explainer videos
  • Headline packages
  • Bullet points Facebook ads
  • Newsfeed posts
  • Lead Pages/Squeeze Pages

If you don’t have all of these things working for you, I cannot WAIT for you to see how much extra income they bring you... effortlessly.

5. What are the terms of the guarantee?

Copybuilder comes with a 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

In effect, you can use Copybuilder to churn out copy for a year’s worth of launches, save all of that copy, and still refund your investment and get every penny back.

But we know that you’ll want to hold on to Copybuilder forever, because there’s nothing in the world like it and it will make you more money, period.

1. Is Copybuilder better than a copywriter?

f you have thousands of dollars to invest, then it may be your preference to hire a professional copywriter, and we respect that.

But the fact is, not everyone has the money to invest in a copywriter... and even with a copywriter, you’re never 100% certain something is going to convert...

Copybuilder uses only SUCCESSFUL lines... so you already know your material can convert... for less than 1% of the cost of a copywriter...

Plus... while you’d have to keep hiring copywriters for everything you want to put out... you’ll only have to invest in Copybuilder ONE TIME and you’ll be able to use it infinitely, for life.

4. How much do I have to invest in Copybuilder?

After the launch period ends, we’ll be charging $197 per month for Copybuilder, and that won’t include the Webinar, Newsfeed Library, Headlines or Bullet points Frameworks.

But during the launch period, Copybuilder is yours FOR LIFE with ONE $67 (risk-free and guaranteed) investment.

With this investment, you’ll also get all of the premium modules that will disappear after the launch.

So because it is risk-free, and because this is the only time to get lifetime access, and because you get all of the powerful extra modules, it only makes sense to try out Copybuilder right now.

6. How do I get started with Copybuilder?

It’s so easy.

Just click the yellow button below, enter your details, and you’ll instantly receive your username and password to log into the Copybuilder member’s area. You’ll have sales copy being created for you in no time!

You can have a proven-to-convert sales page done in 4 minutes from now. We know you’ve never seen anything like that, because it’s been impossible until now.

So take advantage of this rare opportunity, and see for yourself what Copybuilder can do, risk-free. Just click the button below to get started.

Total Package Value: $53,000.00+

Good copy makes millions,  this number is still low.
Yours today for: $67, one time 100% guaranteed and risk-free !

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FULL PACKAGE Special: $67

One Time, Own For Life!